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Special Interview with Journal Editor-in-Chief--Dr. Amedeo Lonardo

Published on: 1 Jan 2022 Viewed: 1380

We are glad to have a special interview with our Editor-in-Chief--Dr. Amedeo Lonardo, the Director of the Unit of Metabolic Syndrome at Ospedale Civile of Baggiovara, Modena, Italy, on the starting day of 2022. Several questions were launched to Dr. Lonardo:

1. What is the most important question you want to address in your research area?

I think we have to stratify risks in our patients, and we have to identify more homogeneous patient populations who might be amenable to more homogeneous treatments and follow them up and work out diagnostic strategies.
How can this be accomplished? I just have some ideas that we may better identify how liver disease is progressing. We also have to address determinants, e.g., genetics versus metabolic. This is only one example of what we can do, but we need to work on this more because we are still lacking an effective treatment strategy.

2. What was the defining moment that led you to your field?

I graduated in Southern Italy, and some years after, I moved to Modena, where I started to work in the hospital. Why do I perform research in this field? I noticed that there was a high prevalence of fatty liver disorders, which were of non-viral and non-alcoholic origin, and this was definitely an epidemiological clue that stimulated my interest in studying NAFLD.

3. How would you induce a new doctoral candidate into their research project?

My opinion is that older and more experienced colleagues can offer scientific methods to PhD students. We have to transmit scientific methods to younger colleagues, but I think they have to have their own scientific interests, and what we have to do is to encourage them to follow their scientific interests. We should not convince them to change their interests.

4. In which ways do you release pressure? What's your hobby?

I like to watch Italian films, and I also love writing. I write in Italian and write short notes which concern people I have met, so these are all based on facts. The most important is that these short notes are not intended for publication. They are extremely private.

5. As the Editor-in-Chief, would you share your plan and outlook for the new journal— Metabolism and Target Organ Damage? 

I am extremely proud of the work we have been developing so far, and I think we have had encouraging results so far in terms of views of our published articles, downloads, and the reception of our editorial initiative. For all of this, I want to thank all those who participated in our editorial board, and I want to thank you for continuing support to this journal. What I expect from the new year is to increase our impact in terms of scientific robustness of credibility and success. I think our special issues would strongly contribute to diffuse to a larger audience. I would like to thank all our guest editors who have taken the responsibility of developing these special issues in 2022.

Let’s work together and look forward to a better 2022!

Editor-in-Chief’ Biography

Amedeo Lonardo, Director of the Unit of Metabolic Syndrome at Ospedale Civile of Baggiovara, Modena, Italy, Tutor for fellows in Internal Medicine at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Born in 1957, graduated in Medicine summa cum laude, a specialist in Gastroenterology & Digestive Endoscopy; Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Dr. Lonardo is an author of 205 published papers, H-index is 53 (source Scopus, accessed in Dec 2021) up to now. His research interests include: MAFLD; primary NAFLD and NAFLD secondary to endocrine disorders; sex differences in NAFLD; bi-directional associations of metabolic syndrome and NAFLD; liver and hypobetalipoproteinemia; dysmetabolism in HCV infection; diabetes in cirrhosis. Dr. Lonardo has completed more than 700 certified reviews for international journals of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Metabolism and Internal Medicine. In 2021, Dr. Lonardo had been recognized by Expertscape as “World Expert in Fatty Liver” and placed in the top 0.012% of scholars writing about ‘’fatty liver’’ in the world over the past 10 years. ( Undoubtedly, Dr. Lonardo has made a great contribution to NAFLD research field.

Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office 
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